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Time goes tick tock tick,
My eyes go blink blink blink,
The more I read,
The more nothing clicks,
Brain’s numb and void,
Filled with white noise,
Gah!! I need me more coffee,
For sleep beckons unto me,
No, I shall not rest till I finish my studies.

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I toss and turn,
Yet my thoughts of you never go away,
Try as I might to move on,
My mind still wanders over you,
We may be apart now,
But my heart still aches for you,
I blamed myself for our parting,
As I was selfish and childish,
Should have known better,
But now it is a little too late,
And as painful as this might sound,
I have to let you go,
And make peace with my broken spirit,
Regardless of what has happened,
I still and will always love you.

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This is in response to Lucy Dan 蛋小姐 (she/her/她)’s latest prompt which is Why is Life So Damn Messy?

I am stuck between two men,
Both fighting over my love,
My heart torn and confused,
Trying to make the right choice,
Tears flow down my eyes,
As fear grips me,
Why oh why is my life such a mess?

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For every person that mocks your words,
There is someone out there listening,
For every person that calls you ugly,
There are people that appreciate your beauty,
For those that ridicule your talent,
There are many ready to applaud you for your efforts,
It might seem lonely at first,
It might seem like no one cares,
But remember this,
Someone is out there watching,
Somebody cares,
So what is stopping you?
Get back up and keep doing you!!
Do not give up!!
Do not quit now!!

Damilola Abiola

Damilola Abiola

Ready to hang with this fox?!! The name is Damilola Abiola and I am a Content Writer who also looks forward to starting a Proofreading and Copywriting business.