My Reaction to Britney Spears’ Conservatorship Statement

I listened to the full audio of Britney Spears’ hearing today in regards to her conservatorship. Damn was I angered and shocked. She literally confirmed everything the entire fandom had been suspecting for years.

In order for you to understand, how about I break things down?

For the past 13 years, the entire conservatorship team had been lying to the entire world about Britney’s life, making claims about her being mentally unfit to do jack whereas Britney has proven otherwise despite the shit they make her go through.

Who in their right minds would prescribe lithium to a patient? Lithium in case you are wondering, is a very powerful medication that can leave one mentally impaired if you take it for way too long, approximately for 5 months. Yet the stupid doctor took her off her normal medication and put her on that one. Who does that?

That is so disgusting and evil. How dare they maltreat this poor woman and reduce her to a mere puppet? She is a badass, intelligent, talented woman. Her entire team and family sabotaged her greatness. How dare you force her to perform against her will? She is a human with feelings and limitations. They overworked her to death.

Britney’s statement gives a blow by blow account of everything that has been happening to her for the past two years and the entire duration of the conservatorship.

Picture this: she has no access to phones, the Internet or her credit cards. Ever single aspect of her life must be monitored by various people who are all exploiting and leeching off her wealth.

Family over everything my ass.

This sadistic arrangement is a more extreme case of narcissistic parenting. The narcissist would dictate every aspect of your life not necessarily for your wellbeing but rather for their own inflated egos.

It is even more dangerous and worse if said narcissist is from within your family. Jamie is such a control freak as evidenced from various court documents and now Britney’s statement that his own family fear him. Yet Britney has finally spoken up and put him in his place.

He is no God. No Narcissist is a God no matter what their stupid egos tell them. They are mere flawed humans like the rest of us with low self esteem. They hide that self esteem by manipulating and hurting the rest of us, hoping that it would cure whatever pain they feel inside. Guess what? That pain would never go away. It will stay there and continue to haunt them all the days of their lives.

That is what is about to happen to Jamie Spears and the entire conservatorship team. Nemesis has caught up with them. However it remains to be seen if those bastards would finally get punished for their crimes given the level of corruption in the American judicial system as evidenced by the conservatorship itself. I hope justice will be served and Britney leaves that abusive arrangement and goes on to live her life on her own terms. I pray those bastards pay for the horrible things they did to her.

If you want to get the full picture, I will drop links down below:

Full Audio:

Full Transcript of statement:



Ready to hang with this fox?!! The name is Damilola Abiola and I am a Content Writer who also looks forward to starting a Proofreading and Copywriting business.

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Damilola Abiola

Ready to hang with this fox?!! The name is Damilola Abiola and I am a Content Writer who also looks forward to starting a Proofreading and Copywriting business.