My Thoughts on Britney’s Current Battle With Her Family

Damilola Abiola-Tikare
3 min readSep 7, 2022
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Picture this, everything seems to fall into place. You got hitched and are about to start life afresh. You begin to record music again. Only for your ex and your kids to turn on you, speak ill of you in tell-all interviews, and question your mental health.

Welcome to the harsh reality that is the current life that Britney Spears is living.

Now for a quick recap, Britney had just been released from the thirteen-year conservatorship that had stripped her of the majority of her fundamental human rights and is now trying to rebuild the life that she has lost. Her family and key members of the conservatorship team continue to engage in smear campaigns against her via interviews and weaponize various media outlets against her in the hopes of trying to turn the public against her.

Does this remind you of anything? Every time I look at the backlash at hate Britney gets now, I get flashbacks to the early 2000s when Britney was scrutinized, bullied, and harassed by the media every single time that it led to her infamous mental breakdown. Whenever she makes a mistake, there is always this collective gasp. Like “Oops she did it again!!” Hardly do people ever acknowledge the good that she does. Yes, this applies to some of her fans too as some of them can be ungrateful.

This poor woman was isolated from the world for years, given drugs that should have killed her. And the moment she speaks out about it, people begin to mock her and label her a trainwreck. Excuse me but can you show a little empathy here?

Here is a woman that was constantly bashed, and criticized for being a bad mum and role model. A woman that was hated on for just being successful. Why is it that she gets hate but other pop stars and celebrities get a free pass at times? What is it about Britney that makes people treat her like shit?

Is it her American sweetheart image? Or is it the fact that she is a nice person? Or is there something else I am missing here? What more do people want from her?

This woman has done everything to make others happy. Why can’t she be happy for once? Why can’t you all let her breathe? Don’t you realize that those voice notes are a cry for help? Someone should beef up security for her because I fear for her safety at this point. What more do you all want from this woman?! Has she not given you enough?! She has her own life and happiness to live. Leave her alone!!

No one seems to care about this woman at all. All they want is her money and fame and they will milk it and once they milk it, they will discard her aside and leave her to rot all alone.

Maybe she should also take a break off social media for a while unless….she is up to something. That, no one knows for sure.



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