The Free Britney Movement and How I Relate to It

When the whole conservatorship thing happened, I was mostly focused on school and heard a lot of Britney news from my classmates. We were all naively misled by the media at the time to believe that Britney was insane and cannot take care of herself.

Fast forward to 2021 and I, a now 29-year-old woman still living under her mother’s roof, completely sympathizes with this pop legend. Besides the fact that I grew up with Britney with everyone else in my generation and was always a fan of hers right from day one, I suddenly found myself confronting a harsh reality that I never thought that I would one day admit, something that I rarely spoke up about until now.

I watched joined Exhale about 2 years ago and began to interact with my fellow Britney fans and although I distanced myself from that community for a while but would pop in every once in awhile, I came across the thread about the Britney’s Gram girls and that voicemail.

The moment I saw that thread, I got goosebumps and was frightened at the lengths that Jamie Spears and the entire conservatorship team would go to maintain control over Britney, even going as far as to use her own kids against her and checking her into a mental facility against her will and not even allowing Britney to speak up for herself.

Why did this all sound so familiar to me you might ask?

That may be because all those stories about Jamie’s controlling behaviour reminded me of my own mother. I cannot say much about my mother as I am still under her roof and trying hard to get away from that woman by trying to get myself out there, get some writing job or something, and doing what makes me happy.

Mum treats me like a kid similar to how Britney has been treated by the conservatorship team. Like I am 29 and yet you still seize my phone and laptops away as though I still a kid simply because I forgot to return something where I am meant to. That is similar to how Jamie and the c-ship team confiscate Britney’s phone and laptop and watch her Internet usage and monitor her calls. That alone can drive anyone insane.

Jordan Miller aka BreatheHeavy’s founder mentioned in a Youtube video that Jamie likened Britney to a racehorse. That disgusted and reminded me of all the times mum would yell at me whenever I make mistakes and tell me how worthless I am and often compare me to a pig and even at one point asked me to iron her clothes on her side of the bed we are sharing and not hers and even at one point threatened to throw my laptop and clothes off the balcony.

If we are going to address the Britney issue, we also need to not only talk about legal reforms, we need to start talking a lot more about toxic parents as well because Jamie and my mother are both textbook examples of toxic parents.

Toxic parents need to feel in control all the time. They will use anything and everything, including money and those closet to you to further isolate you so that you do not have the strength to fight back.

But guess what? We are all humans and they forget that. Britney’s team believes that Britney has no one to help her. That is a big lie. We, her fans are here to help. So many others that may not even be her fans are coming forward to protect her. A lot of those that are close to her like her friends are coming forward to denounce that demonic conservatorship.

We all owe Britney this guys. We owe her more than an apology or redemption arc here. We partially caused her current imprisonment and we can all free her. Britney, we all love you even though we may not know you personally.

You have touched my life and the lives of millions in ways. You have inspired me now to be a strong woman. If you can go through all that hell and make it out of there, then so can I. So can any other person out there that is stuck in an abusive relationship.

Ready to hang with this fox?!! The name is Damilola Abiola and I am a Content Writer who also looks forward to starting a Proofreading and Copywriting business.