The Hard Truth About Being a Writer

Being a writer can be hard especially if you are new. If you are an introvert, you would not want to put yourself out there.

Unfortunately, you have no choice. The thing that most gurus often don’t tell you is that it takes a while to build an audience that is willing to invest in your work.

And when you do build that audience, how do you maintain momentum without alienating a section of readers?

I got rejected by a big magazine. Submitted a poem to them. I did not feel hurt like I usually do because not everyone would lil and appreciate your work.

I gave the same poem to a Medium publication and they added it and got a few claps and comments. I noticed that my poems tend to get a lot more views than any other thing I write.

That made me realize my true strength. I will work to improve on other areas though. Put yourself out there. Share links to your work on social media.

That is the market research. Put yourself out there so that you know what type of content works best and which demographic appreciates that type of content best so that you then tailor your work accordingly.

I might as well release a poetry book later this year. It is not easy and there are times I feel like giving up until I remember my current situation.

Never compare yourself to others because those same people they compare you to have their own struggles and weaknesses that will end up making you appreciate you current situation even more because you may have the freedom they wish they had.

Learn some social media marketing too. That will help a lot. Be consistent. Always be consistent.

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